Did you know that Norcross High School students can take an off-campus religious education class, and receive credit for it? Since 2004, hundreds of students have benefited from this opportunity.

But the class is so much more than just a “religion” class.  In fact, our goal is that this class will be the best class they ever have.  How do we make that happen?

Excellent Teachers.  People who are gifted teachers, and are also great at loving students and helping them to know they are valuable and important.

Transformative Curriculum.  The content of our courses cause students to think and re-think, to evaluate their lives, and to connect information with day-to-day living.  We offer four semester-long courses: New Testament Survey, Stories from the Old Testament, Comparative Religions, and Following Jesus.

Warm Environment.  To the best of his/her abilities, the teacher will create an environment that students look forward to being in.  This includes the “feeling” of the class, the decor, frequent snacks, and anything else that will make the class experience the best it can be for the students.

Active Spirituality.  The students will be asked to practice what they are learning.  Check it out.  Live it.  See if it is true.

Engaged Leadership.  The Norcross CLC is lead by a board of directors who are actively engaged in making the class a success.  Raising funds, encouraging the teacher, praying for the students, and representing the ministry in their sphere of influence.


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