Crazy Semester!

IMG_1130What a crazy and exciting school year so far!  Every day we have 22 Norcross High School students take our elective Bible class called New Testament Survey. 22 students studying the Bible everyday and applying it to life.  How incredible is that?  This semester they have learned all about the life and teachings of Jesus, have wrestled with what His resurrection means for us, and now they are finishing up the semester by doing presentations on New Testament letters.  It’s been a great semester watching these students grow in their faith.

I feel like this class has a positive impact on my faith as well as teaching the history of Christianity. We learn from every book of the Bible and are able to go out and share what we’ve learned. It’s a great class and I love taking it. Our teacher rocks and I can’t wait for second semester!

I hope that you recognize the value of this ministry and will consider joining our mission by supporting us with an end-of-year gift.  We have experienced growth this year and we are trying to keep up financially.Your financial gift will help us to continue to fulfill our purpose to provide the best class Norcross High School students will ever take by giving them an opportunity to investigate and experience the message of Jesus during the school day, as one of their elective classes.

I’ve learned that forgiving can take time but it’s worth it! I have also learned that nothing you do can turn you away from God’s love. He chose one of the people who killed followers of Jesus to spread the word of God and then Peter someone who denied Jesus 3 times became one of the greatest disciples.

I want to assure you that your support is making a difference.  It is evident everyday as light bulbs turn on and as students slowly grow in their knowledge of and love for God.If you’d like to mail a check, please make payable to:

Norcross CLC
PO Box 921362
Norcross, GA 30010


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