The Home Stretch

Emolarge1Prom is behind us, spring break is over, and the pollen is in the air.  All signs that the school year is coming to a close.  It has been a good year in so many ways – most importantly in the ways our students have grown and wrestled with what a Christian worldview is.  This week the students have been considering how we are (mis)led by our emotions many times instead of taking the time to stop and think of an appropriate response.  An emotional response, especially for (but not limited to!) students in this age group, is typically what comes first, and many times leads them into attitudes and actions they later regret.

Currently we have 24 students signed up for the fall!  We are excited about that number.  It is about the maximum number we can handle, but not too big to lose the intimacy we try to create.  We are already praying for those 24 students and the positive impact we will be able to have on them.

IMG_0495Could you sponsor one of those 24 students?  We are looking for 24 families to sponsor each of next year’s 24 students by praying for them and financially supporting their education in our class.  It costs about $1000 per student over the course of the school year or $100/month for the 10 month school year running from August through May.  Your sponsorship will help rescue, transform, and train Norcross High School students to be a light in their world.  It is a great investment.  If you are interested, please email or go here to see where to mail checks.


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